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World literature

5 – 11 classes

Course structure corresponds to the main stages of the secondary school:

І (5–8 classes) – propedevtic block;

ІІ (9–11 classes) – historical-literature block.

Propedevtic block consists of two parts. Texts, studied in 5–7 classes are arranged by the genres and themes. In class 8 a miniature model of literature process is added. It gives the students of the corresponding age to understand the most important phases of its development. Such approach gives the opportunity to generalize the material learned in classes 5–7 and to lay the foundation for the next stage – studying of historical and literature course.

The teaching material of the historical and literature course is subdivided in the following way: 9 class studies the period from the oldest literature memorials till the beginning of the ХІХ cent.; 10 class studies literature from the second half of the ХІХ cent. until the border of the ХІХ and ХХ cent.; 11 class studies literature of the ХХ cent. Such subdivision is explained by the reading abilities and reading interests of the students of 9–11 classes: spiritual and esthetic experience of mankind of the last two centuries is more understandable for them, than the one of the antic times or middle ages. That is why one needs to study it in more details. Basing on representative principles, the curriculum of the 9–11 classes represent a chain of monographic and overview themes.

You can find Criteria of assessment for World Literature using the following link

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