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5 – 6 classes

Ethics is a part of the world view subjects. It is often called practical philosophy. One studies it not just only to know what for example is "good deeds", but first of all to do good deeds. The content of ethics, as a science is the knowledge, realized in one’s attitude to other people, society and nature.

Class 5

Introduction. What ethics studies.

  1. What leads a human to act and behave in this or that way.
  2. What rules define harmony of the human within her/him self and with the nearest environment.
  3. What are the moral norms and rules for living together with others in the society.
  4. What does it mean to keep to the norms of etiquette in everyday life.

Class 6


  1. Human values of the modern world.
  2. The human – a part of the Universe.
  3. Moral criteria for communication.
  4. Democratic values of civil society.

You can find Curricula for Ethics using the following link

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