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Our Report from Switzerland.

A group of students from Sch155 participated in the Pestalozzi Foundation Program "Children's Village" in 2007. The students studied the program of: :

  1. International culture.

  2. Children's rights.

  3. Switzerland.

  4. Media, radio.

This is Switzerland.
Pestalozzi village.

Our village.
Our house.

Our room.
At the classes.

Our classes.
Happy lessons.

Classes again.
We relax at the lessons.

School St. Gallen.
Hot discussions.

Everbody is excited.
With the Serbians.

Competing with the Serbians.

Candles are lit.
After the concert.

At the discotheque.
Our Oleksandra Murzha.

Our play ground.
Trogen village.

Switzerland is different.

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