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We are striving to provide English language knowledge at the level that guarantees the Sch. 155 graduates to be able to function effectively in any business or educational environment irrespectively of the quality of the English teaching at a University.

We are not training linguists. We consider all school subjects to be critical for students’ achieving success in their lives.

English language has been taught at Sch.155 since 1958. The school gained a lot of experience teaching foreign languages.

Sch.155 looks at the English language studying as the crucial necessity for the individual to master a key instrument of communication. Global tendencies, mobility of the world community, demand from the active participant of regional, national, European and World processes skillful management of the communication tools, the most important of which is English language.

Family values of our students and the school philosophy suggest that the students of Sch.155 will be and are already active subjects of international processes. That is the reason why English language knowledge is considered to be obligatory component of Sch. 155 students’ communicative competences.

English language at Sch.155 is more that a school subject. Its studying is the process of molding with the Sch.155 students skills to achieve success, overcome difficulties. It is the process of developing emotional maturity and communicative competences.

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