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8 – 11 classes

The main content of chemistry study in class 8 is the knowledge about initial chemical notions - simple and compound substances, the main classes of non-organic compounds, as well as about chemical reactions, and their natural flow. All that facilitates students' getting ready to understand Periodic Law and Periodic Table of Mendeleev.

On the basis of the knowledge of Periodic system of chemical elements, theory of chemical bonds, and substance structure, that is the basis of chemistry course in class 9, one looks at chemical elements and their compounds in general: in class 9– metals, in class 10 – nonmetals. At the same time one marks the natural laws in identification of properties depending on the position of the chemical element in periodic table and its atom structure.

Butlerov's theory of chemical constructions is the theoretical basis for the unit dealing with organic compounds. It is studied in class 10 and continues in class 11. The suggested succession of the substance studying gives an opportunity to explain the principles of their structure becoming more complicated and genetic development from carbohydrate to protein. Together with the studying of the substances – monomers the students learn about the most important high-molecular compounds.

In class 11 one looks at the role of chemistry in the life of society. The course finishes with the overview of the knowledge about non-organic and organic substances. Practical assignments are planned at the end of the course.

You can find Criteria of assessment for Chemistry using the following link

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