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We continue our work on the joint SCH 155, Kyiv – Friedrich Ebert Gymnasium, Bonn project on learning chemistry in English through I-net. In October 2008 the delegation of 10 B class visited their partner students in Bonn. The visit was very different from a touristic one. In line with the action plan, students continued chemistry studying with German students and teachers. They used the material form the previous year of study and of the current one to prepare presentations including theoretical material and experiments.

Ukrainian and German teachers planned the successive teaching of chemistry using I-net.

German and Ukrainian students shared their experience with the Minister of Education for the Land Nord Rhein Westfalia and with the MPs of the NRW Parliament.

Visiting Beethoven
Preparing presentations is fun

All ways of presentation are used
Correct sorce of information is the success

Teachers planning
Who is Ukrainian and Who is German

Principal Anna Adereya and teacher Dr. Schlieben are satisfied
Team work is always effective

Round Table in NRW Parliament
Chemical experiment at the presentation

Autumn in Bonn is also nice
NRW Parliament opens its doors to students

Results of common research - to the audience

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