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Curricula for the secondary comprehensive school

1 – 4 grades

Elementary school education provides general development of the child, her/his ability to confidently read, write, to know basics of arithmetic, initial skill s to uise the book and other sources of information, molding of the general understanding of the world, understanding of the people’s morality, and individual communication. Basics of hygiene, development of first labor skills.

The elementary stage is called upon to provide the further development of the individual, target oriented demonstration and development of abilities, molding of skills and desire to study; to create conditions for the individual to realize her/himself in a variety of activities, moral and esthetic development, to learn the processes of healthy life, to get ready for self-management in the school life.

Ukrainian language

Initial course of Ukrainian language is propedevtic to the systemic courses of Ukrainian language and literature that they study at the middle school. The main tasks of the elementary school teaching are: to form with the junior students skills to read, speak and write with understanding, to enrich their language, to provide the knowledge about language and literature to develop attention, desire to read books, to expand their world understanding, to facilitate students' general development.

The curriculum of the initial course of the native language comprises of the following parts: "Teaching literacy and language skills development"; "Reading and language skills development"; "Language, speaking, writing and language skills development".

The precise tasks for each initial course of native language are formulated according to sections of curricula.


Math in 1-4 classes is the integral part of the mathematics course of the secondary school. The initial phase has to mold with the students understanding of natural numbers, to learn content and ways of arithmetic operations, calculating skills. The important tasks are:

  • To get the students know main quantities and their measurement, practical knowledge of some interrelations among them;

  • Getting the students know some geometrical shapes and their properties;

  • Development of the needed graphic skills.

Learning of the initial course has to lay the foundation for the further studying of mathematics.

Initial study of mathematics is needed due to the requirements of the further training in mathematics. In the course of their study the students must:

  1. Learn to do mathematical operations with the natural numbers.

  2. To learn the simplest numbers and their units, to learn use them while solving problems.

  3. To learn to solve the simple and the simplest compound text arithmetic problems.

  4. To learn to identify and draw the simplest geometric figures.


Art is the integrated activity for the junior students. The aim of it is creating not only material values, but spiritual values as well with the help of art, construction and decoration. In this variant of the integrated course, the constructive form of artistic thinking is dominating. It provides the development of the qualities necessary for molding students’ space imagination. In the process of their constructive activity, their artistic and decorative thinking is activated. Teacher has the opportunity to use one of the variants of the existing curriculum, the one that corresponds to her/his art tastes.

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