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Physics, Astronomy

7 – 11 classes

In order to identify the input physics study has to make into the development of students of profile classes, one has to differentiate three types (level) of the profile curricula.

Applied course (course В ) is proposed to the students for whom the school curricula serves as the tool to study the natural laws of the environment and of a certain branch of nature study or technology. The course with such content is recommended to the students, who choose physics and technology: technological - agrobiological, chemical – technological, biological – technological, biological – technological and the similar profiles or have intentions to enter technical or technological Universities.

One can make a mistake thinking that humanitarian education can avoid formulas, problem solving, or the number of laboratory and practical work with demonstrations is decreasing. Such approach is wrong and it simplifies the course of physics. It does not give the opportunity for the student to master the subject course. We join the productive overview of the fundamentals of the science and its global issues, we maintain for the students in understandable form both methods of physics – theoretical and experimental. We limit where it is possible the use of mathematical models (formulas) introducing different model images, which students percept better.

You can find Criteria of assessment for Physics using the following link

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