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We are one family again. Family and School are inseparable. They are all interesting. We want to know about our fathers' and mothers' success at their work, how important and respected they are. Pride of the family is our value. And our parents are with us at our lessons. These lessons are very interesting and exciting, especially when your father or mother are like real teachers respected, wise and merry.

Parents' awards - our pride
That is how we live

Family cousine
Family relicts

Awards from the 19th century
Merry lesson with the mother

My father knows everything
I know my roots

Excitement of the presentations
It is my turn now

Parents involved in the presentation
What story will my friend present?

We are all friends
Mothers' lessons are very interesting

Our parents teach us to paint
The father at the lesson

Many many families' relicts to display
Happy lesson with the mother

History lives with the father
Sophisticated themes at the lesson

Tasty grannie's cookies
The jury at work

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