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6 – 11 classes

School subject Biology is a component of educational branch "Nature Studies", that suggests molding with the students integral understanding of the contemporary   natural – scientific picture of the world, role and place of the human in the environment, her/his moral responsibility for nature preservation, and civilization as a whole.

Student of 11 B class has won the Gold Medal at the International Contest in Biology in Australia.

The school subject of Biology is an integral course. Its content is subdivided in the following way:

  • 6 class: units 1–4 "Plants", "Mushrooms", "Schisophyte", "Organisms and environment";
  • 7 class: unit 5 "Animals";
  • 8–9 classes: unit 6 "Human biology";
  • 10–11 clases: units 7–9 "Universal properties of the organisms", "Super organism levels of the living nature organization", "Historical development of the organic world".

You can find Criteria of assessment for Biology using the following link

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