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Chumak Anastasya, 11-A

Nov 2007.

Recipe for success for those who dare to study at our school

My congratulations and best wishes for the ones, who finally decided to join our nice and pleasant students' team of the greatest school ever – #155!!! And here is some advice for you to help the new-comers to adapt and to achieve success in our terrific school!

First: be creative! Impress the teachers with the perfect knowledge of the material. Not many pupils do that so they will be quite impressed!)

Second: do your homework! Even if that means copying it from the nerd's workbook somewhere in a toilet!

Be active! If you can't sing – sing!

If you can't dance – still dance!

If you don't know geography – stop making those awful noises and shaking like a drunk and learn the topic, now!

One of the most important rules in our school – love English! And it will love you!

Be vigilant with your classmates – many of them will become your bitterest friends! Rather condescending to your success but absolutely ruthless to your failures.

Keep your eyes open and take care of your locker: it is your safe, wardrobe, storehouse (in terms of not finished yesterday's apple, and some other stuff of unknown purpose). In line with these, it can also be an ammunition dump( last year’s course physics book and math workbook in case of a dreadful amnesia after summer holidays).

Never miss classes! You can do nothing of the same quality sitting in class, can't you?

Moving to control papers - on this day it is much more useful to come "fresh and bright", with clear mind: you'll have to try to understand many things for the first time...

But, speaking seriously, I can tell you that, in any case, you have to work hard, chase your dreams and forget about laziness! Studying at school means not only friends, funny situations, discos and "those nasty teachers" – it is a complex mix of the relationships between you and your tutors, your desire or, maybe and unfortunately, unwillingness to study, your attitude to what you are doing and what a school life is to be like.

Anyway, if you are safe and honest and in your heart proud of yourself because of something really good you've done or something really hard and complicated you've overcome – that is your greatest success at school 155.


Viktoriya Novosad, 11-B

A Recipe For Success For Those Who Dare to Study in 155

Usually, when we open a cookery book, we see there lots of texts, so called "recipes", or "instructions" how to cook something. A recipe includes a list of ingredients and an expanded plan of action. Mixing up ingredients in different proportions, adding salt and pepper to our tastes, we get, as a result, an extremely delicious salad. If we draw a parallel between cooking and studying, it will be obviously clear that these things are somehow connected with each other.

So, what traits and characteristics must a future student of school 155 have to become successful?   I'll try to write such a recipe for success based on my personal experience.

First of all, a pupil, who dares to study at school 155, must have a desire to do it, because you will never become successful forcing yourself to study. You might have a hankering after knowledge, but in the real world there are few people who had the thirst for knowledge in their childhood. If you add a pinch of assiduity, arm yourself with patience, you will be ready to absorb new things and "to take arms against a sea of troubles". Perseverance wins.

Our school is elite, so I must add some more ingredients into the recipe. You also must have good imagination, a bunch of skills and talents (how to sing, how to dance, how to paint). Of course, you must be an obedient child.

Now slice all things up, put into your brain and soul, season it with respect to your teachers, and you will get a perfect cocktail or salad :), which will lead you to getting good knowledge and marks.

I don't particularly like to cook, but it's all in a day's work.

GOOD LUCK!!!   :)


Valeria Trush, 11-B


A recipe for success for those who dare to study at №155 

"Success consists of going from failure at Mr. George’s test to failure at this without loss of enthusiasm." The quotation by Churchill that sounds a bit in a different way ("Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm") was a bit rewritten by me to better fit the title of my work. Still the meaning of success depends on situation, but not the one Mr. George usually gives the students during the test.

Anyway, achieving a success at our school is an extremely hard work. A student gains success at №155 only if she/he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in-between learns what she/he wants to learn. So, the conclusion I can make judging by my own experience, is that the majority of the students of №155 are perceived to be great and successful young people.

If to be serious, to my mind, there is no exact recipe for success for those who dare to study at №155. There is a certain foundation on which success builds. And they are: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.

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