Saturday, May 18, 2024
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This is a report on the pilot project – learning of chemistry in English.

The peculiarity of the project is that chemistry in English is learned together with the German partners – students of Friedrich Ebert Gymnasium in Bonn.

Three components are presented at this lesson:

  1. Theory.

  2. Experiment.

  3. Sending I-net messages – exchange of information with the partners in Bonn.

Sch155 and FEG teachers are planning.
Teacher is always happy...

Theory in English is not easy...
Will anybody help...

Chemistry in English in action.
At the lesson.

All are very attentive.
All are intrigued...

Experiment is fun.
Friends in Bonn wait for the message.

Teacher helps to recollect the theme.
The lesson theme - to the friend in Bonn.

A joke on chemistry - to the friend in Bonn.
What do we know now...

Teachers are with us.
We are mobile in I-net.

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