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According to the Regulations on the Comprehensive Educational Establishment, Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine # 946 of 14.06.2000, Order of the Ministry for Education and Science of Ukraine #  353 of 28.07.2000, Order of the Ministry for Education and Science of Ukraine # 236 of 20.07.1994 "On the Approving the Instruction for the ways to enroll students to the comprehensive educational establishments on the competitive basis", Order of the Chief Department for Education and Science of Kyiv city # 36 of 23.02.2009 "On the way to enroll children to the first classes of the comprehensive educational establishments in Kyiv city",

Admission of the students to the specialized school with the in-depth study of certain subjects… of the state and communal ownership is conducted on the basis of the parents' or persons', who substitute the parents, application, in the form of competition in line with the Order, defined by the Ministry for Education and Science of Ukraine.

The process of students' enrollment to the first class of Sch. 155 is conducted, as a rule, at the end of May and at the beginning of June.

Admission of students to the 2-11th classes of Sch. 155 is conducted under certain conditions:

1. If the number of students in the class does not exceed 30 people.

2. If the student meets academic requirements of the in-depth study class she/he is applying for.

Every applicant is interviewed individually.

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