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Basics of Health Care

Integrated subject "Basics of health care" foresees molding with the students motivation for healthy way of living.

The objective of the integrated subject is: to mold with the students sensible attitude to their lives and health, getting to know the basics of healthy life, habits for safe behavior.

The task of the subject:

  • Molding with the students motivation for careful attitude to life and health;
  • Molding with students understanding of the priority of health as the main precondition for realization of physical, psychological, social, and spiritual potential of the human, taking in consideration her/his potential;
  • Bringing up with the teen agers careful and sensible attitude to their own health, as one of the highest human values, need for self perfection;
  • Getting students to know the basic principles of and natural laws of human activity in natural and social environment, directed at life and health protection;
  • Molding with students sustainable motivation for healthy life as the main condition to protect health;
  • Getting students to know basic principles, ways and methods of life protection;
  • Teaching students methods of self protection in hazardous conditions;
  • Teaching students methods of self evaluation and control of the level of health during all years of studying;
  • Development of life habits, enhancing healthy life. 

You can find Curricula and Criteria for Basics of Health Care using the following link

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