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Students of Sch 155 8 B class conducted ANTI AIDS campaign on the World AIDS DAY on December, 1. The group of 8 B activists had carefully planned the campaign that involved SWOT analysis, risk analysis, stakeholders’ analysis, qualitative and quantitative indicators. That allowed them to conduct the campaign at the high professional level. The activities involved signing of papers, hand prints, lectures – conferences, inquiry mail boxes, leaflets dissemination etc. Active citizenship is a characteristic feature of Sch 155 students.

8 B Managerial team at work
Activities start before the lessons begin

Anti AIDS action of taking hand prints
Anti Aids solidarity

Anti AIDS symbols on the Ukrainian Shawl at 155
Anti Aids leaflets are handed out

Hand Printing is impressive
Invitation to the ANTI Aids school conference

Our hands - against AIDS
Students of 8 B are leading the process

Visting lecturers share information
We all feel responsibility

We are strong together
Activists at work

ANTI AIDS info - to everybody
Important mission can be fun as well

Teachers are always with us
Anti Self made AIDS Posters

Signatures to confirm personal participation
Join our activity

Anti AIDS symbols of solidarity
All classes are active

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