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On this page you can see our facilities and our active rhythm of life.

You can learn more about the school in a section About the school.

In the school lobby:


On the third floor you can see:

  • Classes of the elementary school
  • Classrooms for physics, chemistry, geography and biology
At the lesson of Chemistry – high school
Class of the elementary school

At the lesson of Biology – high school
Everything is ready for the lesson of Physics

On the second floor are located:

  • Classrooms for middle and high schools

Classroom for middle and high schools

In the classroom for Mathematics – high school

In the classroom for Ukrainian Language – middle school

Our life at the breaks between the lessons is very active.

Presentation of cultural heritage
Our families art craft

Our technical creativity
Celebrations – are our traditions

On the first floor you can see:

  • Small classrooms for the English language study are designed for the work of 10 students
  • Mediacenter
  • Small cafeteria
Small classroom for the English language study

Lesson in the History of Great Britain for the high school students in the Mediacenter

We have to find time to conduct scientific – research conferences…

On the ground floor you can find:

  • Sports gym (adjusted premises)
  • Some classrooms
  • Administrators’ offices

Sports gym

The school day is over. Students go home.

Some elementary school students go for a walk as a part of the extended day program.
The school day was not enough to discuss everything…

Our fathers and mothers are waiting for the children. The school is always open for parents.
Spring has come. It means – the best time for the school football championship.


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