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Education as practical experience.


Students of Sch 155 have an opportunity to research and investigate the world that is around them. It is much more than to study the basics of science. The in-depth study of the English language provides the students with the powerful tool to dramatically expand the area of their research of the environment they live in. The highlighted headings give you an opportunity to quickly get more information. Below you can find some of the special opportunities, provided by Sch 155:

English language

English language is taught in the way that it provides the students with the opportunity to function in any environment – educational, business or economical.

International projects

International projects foresee involvement of students and teaches. The objective of the projects is beyond the cultural experience only. International projects of Sch 155 are targeted at the adaptation of the world best educational practices, thus involving the students into the mobile educational cooperation with their peers in the world.

Scientific and research projects

"Weeks of intellectual creativity" are held every year. At the first stage students present their individually designed project, and at the second – results of their theoretical investigation of a certain scientific or practical problem.

Family Day

On the Family Day every family present their projects illustrating peculiarity and uniqueness of this very family. Mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandmothers teach lessons together with teachers. They share with all students their life experience, specifics of their work. On this day students have a wonderful opportunity to learn a lot of new positive things about their parents and grandparents. Family and school merge into one whole on that day.

Philharmonics singers’ visits

Every year students of elementary and middle school welcome singers and actors of The Ukrainian State Philharmonics. The students have an opportunity to enjoy the best performance of classical and folk pieces of musical art.

Field Trips

Field trips and class excursions are a component of the education plan. They help students to “enliven” the theoretical material, taught in the classrooms.

Students Government

Students governing give an opportunity for the students of Sch 155 to practice methods of Strategic Management. The skills the students gain while they plan and practically implement their goals provide the students with the necessary skills to be successful managers in future.

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