Friday, August 12, 2022
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We love to visit our friends. There is a special day once a year, when small groups of peers get together in different families and then – exciting miracles happen. My mother teaches me and my friends to cook and my father shows the boys how to mend things in the house… Our parents know a lot of interesting and exciting things. Our family is happy to share their knowledge with my friends. And somehow it happens that our fathers and mothers become very good friends as well. They are united by their love to us, their children.   

It is so interesting to know what our parents are doing when we study at school. And there is a day, when our fathers and mothers invite to their workplaces. We find out a lot of interesting things about their professions, we begin to understand how important their works are.

It is not easy to pound popy seeds
Mother instructed how to crush nuts

Ukrainian traditions of laying the table
Kutya will be ready soon

My mother taught me and my friend to choose the right tablecloth

We are beautiful flowers

It is fun to learn new things at home

In the mother's drugstore
The mother teaches to prepare medicine
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