Friday, August 12, 2022
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We celebrated an Outstanding Event in the history of our family this year. The variety of outstanding events and the scope and depth of their influence on the history of our country even, impressed all participants. We, the students, are proud that we happen to be in the centre of great events that happen in our families. Visits to our peers, to our parents’ workplaces, fathers’ and mothers’ lessons – all that united us in one big family.

Great event in my family
Teacher is watching mother is teaching the lesson

Geography is fun with father
The family pride

The father's lesson is exciting
Grand Jury at work

Lesson is fun with the father
A family story

Mother instructed how to crush nuts
Maths is interesting with the father

Media lesson with parents
We like parents lessons

Father is a wise teacher
Training like for the grown ups

Looking for a problem solution
All are excited

Digital version of presentation
Family relicts are charished

More georgraphy with father
Mother tells us abot krashanky

My mother taught me as well
The mother teaches to prepare medicine
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