Friday, August 12, 2022
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A photo album of the Family Day.

The motto of this year Family Day is Family Great Love Story. Traditionally wonderful family relicts family histories, traditions were presented.

Parents were at our lessons with us. We learned a lot of useful things. We looked at our fathers, mothers, grandparents in a new way. We saw a lot of unknown and very exciting details of their lives. We are proud of our families.

Head of Parents association at work.
We know all the answers.

On big themes - with parents.
We like to tell about our family.

Our families are super.
We like our family tree.

Family treasures.
History of Ukraine - History of family.

Ages of family traditions.
Family creativity - for all.

About mass media - with mother - professional.
Mommy can also be a teacher.

Our eyes are so romantic.
We are all so nice at the lesson with mother.

This is a real lesson for men.
Can mommy be a real teacher.

My father can do anything even to teach a lesson.
Lesson with the mother is fun.

Father uses his practical knowledge for the task.
We talk with mother on different themes...

Thrilling Love Story of fathers and mothers.
Parents are excioted also.

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