Friday, August 12, 2022
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Like hidden and forgotten treasure it is necessary to take the history of the family out of old drawers, wipe it and proudly demonstrate to everybody. Such an opportunity is the holiday in specialized school # 155. Family relics, genealogical family trees which are older then 100 years, orders and medals that saved the lives from shell-splinter, Cossak's stamps. This is not a museum. This is a genetic culture, which exists in each child. The Family Day is the revival of individual historic memory and formation of deep moral values.

Presentation: New year vacations of my family. Together with the family.
The medal of Glory rescued a life from a fascist bomb.
Was such an embroidery really made in the family?
Everything is ready… And mothers are also worrying.
Look at this exhibits! They deserve to be taken into any museum.
The miraculous icon is also a family relict.
This phonograph is still working!
It was really hard work to present own family.
There is not enough place to demonstrate histories of all families.

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