Friday, August 12, 2022
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Chairlady of Sch.155 Parents Association Demchyshyna Vire Petrivna.

Sch.155 Parents Association welcomes all parents of Sch. 155 student as a member of the school parents community and invites to participate in the school life: volunteering, financial support of the programs and involvement in special projects. Sch.155 Parents Association represents parents of all students of 1 – 11 classes. The objective of the Parents Association is:

  • To provide assistance and organize school programs implementation.
  • To be the source of information for parents on issues connected with the school life.
  • To facilitate discussion of general issues of school life which are of the parents’ interests.
  • To represent all parents of Sch.155 students on the issues of education and organization of school life.
  • To provide opportunities for the meetings and conducting of special activities for the Sch.155 parents.

This is a real lesson for men.
We are happy to make our parents happy.
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