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Once a year on a very special day parents attend classes and teach lessons together with teachers. Why does it happen? If we put together life and business experiences of the school parents, their knowledge, experience and wisdom will exceed any textbook. Do the students know about it? Do fathers and mothers have enough time to tell their sons and daughters about their work? Will fathers and mothers be able to find something interesting in their daily work? It is on The Family Day when children will be able to listen to exciting stories about their parents' work and life experience. And a student will look at his classmates with pride "What an interesting (talented) mother I have!" ... "What an interesting (talented) father I have!"

Parents at the lessons...

Bohdan Benyuk in a role of teacher.
Famous footballer S. Reshko at the PE lesson.

Our father is a caring teacher.
Parliament will wait while the father talks to children.

Тeacher is watching mother is teaching the lesson.
Math is interesting with the father.

Father is a wise teacher.
Looking for a problem solution.

The father's lesson is exciting.
Who is a student -- the mother or the daughter.

We like parents lessons.
Training like for the grown ups.

Folk tradition of Krashanky is taught by our mother.
Diligence and more diligence...
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