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Studying of History, Culture and today’s life of Great Britain occupies a special place in the educational process of Sch. 155. According to curriculum history and literature of Great Britain are the subjects to be learned by all students of the school. That is why study tours and particular programs are the important component of the school life.

Sch. 155 "Discovered" Great Britain in 1991, when teachers of the school for the first time participated in the Summer English Language School for Educators in Cambridge.

Sch. 155 teacher Olga Kostylova is among the participants of the language course in Cambridge.

1998 – Sch. 155 principal participates in the work of Her Majesty’s School Inspection - Ofsted shadowing the inspection of London schools.


2007 – Teachers of Sch. 155 study the system of Scottish schools in Edinburg, Scotland. They also work as the experts in the European Union project, designing the model for the futue European school. The conference is held in Edinburg.

With Pauline Sangster in Edinburgh – good place to spend coffee – break.

2007 – Ostin Dimmer, the North Pole explorer, a businessman from Scotland meets the students of Sch. 155 and tells about his North Pole expedition and about his dream to take a photo of a polar bear.

Guest from Scotland with the students of 11 class.

2009 – Study visits to Great Britain become more and more popular with our students. A group of Sch. 155 students go on a study visit to London and Hastings.

Beefeaters are always popular.

2009 – One more group of our students has just comeback from the spring vacations. They spent their vacations in the language centre EAC, Great Britain. That is what the students, Khrysyna Stadnyk and Malva Kushkovska are saying:

"At our spring vacations we, the students of 7 B class, were in Great Britain. We liked the country very much. We were at the Language centre. We studied in-depth English language. It was interesting to listen to the teachers – native speakers… And we realized that the students of Sch. 155 have no problems with the English language neither in communication nor in studying."

2010 – The Sch. 155 students won the contest "Study in Great Britain":

Yaremchuk Natalya – she studies free for one year at Bulbury College, Great Britain – A level.

Zadkova Kate – one week of training at the Summer language camp in Great Britan.

2010 – Students of high and middle school continue their study trips to Great Britain – Edinburgh this time.

Sch. 155 students in Scotland, near Edinburg.

2010 – Sch. 155 starts its work on the British Council project Connecting Classrooms. As part of the project, Collaborative curriculum projects are activities that are planned and delivered jointly by all schools within a partnership to bring a global dimension to learners’ education. Projects should be relevant to the curriculum of each partner country and focus on areas of common interest.


2010 – Sch. 155 Administration takes part in the first meeting-presentation of "Connecting Classrooms" project in London.

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