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Sch 155 Friedrich Ebert Gynasium, Bonn, Germany.

Joint study of school subjects.

Teachers of Scholl # 155 have studied basic principles and philosophy of teaching and learning in European school. The objective of joint school subjects study is the creation of a model that will incorporate basic principles of typical for Europe educational process.

We started cooperation with two countries: Austria – Vienna First Bilingual School and Germany –  Friedrich Ebert Gymnasium in Bonn. In 2007 teachers from FEG were invited to Sch. 155. We defined chemistry as the starting subject for the schools' initiative. The basic principles of teaching were defined also. English was chosen to be the common language of teaching. During next meetings, both schools developed the unique synchronized plan for teaching. Teachers of both schools chose common teaching resources.

The first joint curricula planning in Bonn.

Provisions for the sustainable students' communication of both countries on the learned themes via I-net was the next acute issue. A special I-net resource (UNITED ED SPACE) was created for the purpose. Students exchange their learning assignments and the results of their experimental work through I-net. They jointly prepare material for the international research conferences in Kyiv and in Bonn.

Letters on chemistry lessons to partners in Bonn.

Digital technology was decisive means for reaching success in the project. Video-"bridges" and video-conferences allowed students of both countries quickly and effectively exchange their opinions and findings.

First video-conference with FEG, Bonn.

Sch. 155 projects with FEG and Vienna First Bilingual school proved that:

  1. Joint cross-border teaching and learning in in different countries of Europe at the level of national curricula is possible.
  2. National curricula can be adapted and even synchronized.
  3. Information technologies can facilitate "united educational environment" at the level of secondary educational establishments in Europe.
  4. "Cross-border teaching and learning" provide wider opportunities for students, than the regular classroom teaching in wide international communication:
      • Students acquire communicative competence;
      • Students get skilled in international cooperation;
      • Teachers learn more about teaching in partner countries.
  5. Students knowledge and experience become mobile.
Sch. 155 – FEG. Joint conference in Bonn.

Dr. Heimsoeth, Ambassador of Germany for Ukraine greets the students' international Conference.

German students say.


"…I've learned many new things e.g. how to present and how to work with another partner (my exchange partner). Also it was good to learn the language much better…"

Joint students' conference in Bonn – results of joint chemistry study.


"I was very impressed by our exchange with Kiev because it was a great experience. The differences and the things in common I learned gave me a new point of view. I had never seen such a beautiful city. The hospitality was amazing and it was great to get to know more about an interesting country like Ukraine. It was wonderful to see that we are all the same and that relationship can exist…"


"I learned that people in Ukraine are really to German people in their behavior... and the most important thing I learned is that I could live as well in Ukraine. Thank you for this experience".


"…The mentality of people here is great, I also liked the cars they drive. I'm gonna keep contact to Kiev and hopefully I'll come back soon. Ukraine is a wonderful country with a big potential…"

2010  2011 Sch. 155 and FEG continue joint studying of the history and cultures of the two countries.

Delegation of Sch. 155 students get ready with their presentation at FEG, Bonn.

2011 – 2012 school year

Our friends from Friedrich Ebert Gymnasium, Bonn visited our school in October as well as Sch. 155 students visited Bonn. The continuation of the joint study of history and culture of Germany and Ukraine results into traditional scientific – research students' conference. Besides attending lessons, visiting cultural sites the students did the Quest study of Ukrainian culture and history.

Ecological project – planting trees was a real success too.

German students at Sch. 155

Planting trees of friendship

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