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Starting from year 1996 Sch. 155 initiates the program of cooperation with French schools.

The program objective is to improve students’ knowledge of French language. The teachers and educational authorities of France were actively involved in the program implementation.

Mayors of French towns were following the program of Sch. 155 and French schools with keen interest and enthusiasm.

Teachers of Sch. 155 – program initiators of the program are at the reception at the Overne mayor’s office.

Cultural program for Sch. 155 students and teachers always includes a visit to Paris – the most romantic city in the world.

Sch. 155 students and teachers in Paris.

The joint program of French schools and Sch. 155 involved students’ visits and studying of the Fench schools’ work.

Teachers of Sch. 155 are quite natural in French school classrooms.

1997 – 1998 More Sch. 155 students and teachers participate in the project for the enhanced French language studying.

After lessons with French teachers and students.

The program of cooperation with the schools of France was widely recognized by teachers and educational authorities of French education.

Sch. 155 teachers-initiators of the project are awarded Acknowledgements by French authorities.

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