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According to the Recommendations of the European Council concerning language education, the context of English language teaching at Sch. 155 suggests students’ mastering of the language at the level of an "independent user". Indicators for that level are given below.

English language

European recommendations on language education.

Recommended levels of language skills EC

The suggested by the Recommendations six main levels adequately cover European Educational Dimension according to the objectives of those who learn languages. There are six levels of language skills. They are:

  • Іntroductive or "discovery" level;
  • Average level or "getting involved";
  • Border level;
  • Advanced level or "the independent user";
  • Effective operational competence, or autonomous level;
  • Global operational competence.

Looking at the six levels, one can see that they are correspondingly extended up and down interpretation of classical division into basic, transitory (average), and advanced levels. Due to the fact that the EC terminology does not fully coincide with the national one, the scheme given below is designed as hyper-text and presents three major levels: А, В, С, where:

А – Elementary user

  • А1 – Іintroductive or "discovery";
  • A2 – Average or "getting involved";

B – Independent user

  • В1 – Border
  • В2 – Advanced

С – Experienced user

  • C1 – Autonomous
  • C2 – Competent

Indicators of language skills at the level of "independent user" (self-evaluation skill)


В 2


I can understand long speech and lectures, and I follow complicated argumentation on rather familiar themes. I understand most of TV news and programs on current events. I understand most movies in literature language.


I can read articles and announcements on current events. I understand ideas of the authors’ voice their individual position or have my own special point of view. I can read contemporary fiction.


I can participate in a dialogue with sufficient level of ease and spontaneity to guarantee natural interaction with the native speakers. I can actively participate in the discussion in familiar contexts where I can present and defend my point of view


I can present clear, detailed speeches on wide range of issues that belong to the spheres of my interest. I can express my point of view on the suggested theme and present arguments "pro" and "contra".


I can write clear and detailed text on a wide range of issues, which belong to the sphere of my interest. I can write an essay or a report, generalizing information, or providing arguments "pro" or "contra", and certain point of view. I can write letters, stressing upon the importance of the events in the past or in the future for an individual.

Note: indicators for the other levels are presented in "Книга вчителя іноземної мови" Нормативні документи Міністерства освіти і науки України (Харків. Торсинг 2005 р.).

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