Friday, August 12, 2022
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It is a tradition at Sch.155 to hold a Week of English Language Festival – "His Majesty English".

A variety of contests, presentations and concerts in English are held at the school on that week.

One just has to enjoy the students talents… Especially when talents are presented in English.

This is how and English farm looks like.
Visit the London Zoo.

Here they are: "Small kittens who lost their mittens".
The kittens’ mother is very kind...

Look at the variety of costumes… The challenge is – to tell the story of the costume. In English, of course.

Robin Hood.
The Indian Pata Konty.

We are especially beautiful on that day

Queen of England.
Young English Prince.

English policemen take care of order.
A real Beefeater is guarding the English Queen.

Have you ever had a real Five o’clock tea? Do it now!
English tea with Scottish flavor.

Theatre… Theatre… Theatre:

Cinderella’s life is not easy. But she speaks English very well and she will find her prince.
How many kisses has the the shephard eraned now?

Beware of the Modern Wolf, Red Riding Hood!
That’s what happens on Halloween.

We are a powerful and united in our friendship.
At the Zoo again.

Gerda is looking for Kay, and she speaks English, of course.
The audience is very attentive. Soon they also go out onto the stage.

Contest of wall news papers, crosswords, slogans etc – in the school halls...
More and more fantasy… Gifted students are ready to demonstrate it…...

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