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Wide variety of different schools in Kyiv pose a big question to the parents – Which school send their child to?

When you make the decision about the school, please remember, that in our culture they are the parents, not a child, who make the choice. That is why please carefully analyze your own preferences. If you want:

a) Your child to be provided with a governess care;

b) To leave your child at school and forget about her/him till late at night;

c) To place your child in a "prestigious" school to boast to your friends;

d) Your child to avoid problems of  growing up and maturing,

Then Sch. 155 is not for you. Because:

English language school № 155 -

Sets challenges. We create the atmosphere of demanding attitude to cognitive development for students to think critically, to write passionately and to perform effective research. Since the moment when students cross the school threshold in the first class till the Last Bell in the graduate class, students of Sch.155 mold understanding of the purpose, powerful feeling of personal dignity, and interest in lifelong learning.

Delegation of Sch. 155 students in the NATO Headquarters, Brussels, 2002

By its status the school, in which students get in-depth study of English language, provides as a minimum, the state required level of knowledge in basic subjects of the school curricula. High level of students – winners in a variety of district, city, national and international subject competitions in biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, demonstrate that our school challenges the schools with the in-depth study of natural sciences and mathematics.

Students of each class are involved in the researches that go beyond the school curricula.

The verified system of monitoring each student's academic progress creates a demanding, but without pressure atmosphere of every student's responsibility for her/his studying, and molds with the students high level of intellectual expectations.

School that involves. The majority of teachers are the professionals with high level of academic background. They care about students with enthusiasm and creativity. Thanks to their creative teaching, our students learn to be creative intellectuals, who are flexible in thinking.

Every student is taken care of. But even this is not the most important. The most important thing is mutual trust and respect. Teachers are willing to provide their students assistance to gain success.

School that personifies variety.  Sch. 155 enrolls students from a variety of social groups of population, from different cultures. Our students grow in understanding variety of cultures, habits, traditions and find common language. Being a state school, Sch. 155 reacts to the economical differences, suggesting bonuses for food and free lunches etc. Parents of Sch. 155 students percept it normal, if children do not look similar, have different beliefs, have different social background.

School that has ambitions. The road to the University begins from the moment when the students enter Sch. 155. We pay a special attention to molding with every student high level of expectations, supported by the profound knowledge in all basic school subjects, so that the student could enter and successfully study in a University in different directions (economics, mathematics, medicine, linguistics etc.). And moreover – to gain substantial success in the following professional activity. English language is just a tool that helps to function efficiently in any educational and professional system in Ukraine and in the World.

School is a community. Together with the child all members of the family become one community of Sch. 155. Families from different districts of Kyiv city choose our school for their children to realize their potential. Parents closely cooperate with the teachers to make their children the best ones. Parents are active participants in social and economic life of the school. They volunteer in a variety of the school activities. They enhance social and academic life of the school. Irrespectively of different life backgrounds, they gladly communicate with each other. All parents are united by their love to their children and value of the educational priorities.

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