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Answers to FAQ:

1. English Language School # 155 is a state comprehensive school. Enrolment of the children from Shevchenkivsky area is privileged, but there are no limitations for those who live in other areas.

2. The language of teaching is Ukrainian. German Language is taught from the 5th class.

3. As a rule English is studied from the 1st grade with such an amount of lessons per week:

1st grade – 3-4 lessons

2nd grade – 4-5 lessons

3rd grade – 5-6 lessons

and so on…

4. From the fifth grade "science" is studied in English (1 lesson).

5. From the 10th grade specialized courses are studied in English.

6. For children who are under 6 till the 1st of October are not recommended to take part in interview.

7. The extended day care operates till 6 p.m. and is available for all students of elementary school.

8. The parents of the first grade applicants, who enter the school after their attending a kindergarten, have to submit a psychology-pedagogical characteristics.

9. How to know the time of interview? On the 20th of May the list of applicants and the schedule of their interviews will be displayed in the school lobby. Parents of the applicants are invited to come to school and to see it.

10. Why does Sch 155 interview applicants so late, while most other schools normally try to finish their application procedures as early as possible?

11. We consider entering Sch 155 to be a serious and thoroughly weight family decision. If parents prefer Sch 155 after they have learned about other schools, then we are confident that they clearly understand what kind of education and cultural environment they want to provide for their child. We are happy to know that they share Sch 155 philosophy.


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