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How to enter the first grade

of the Kyiv English Language School # 155 ?

Kyiv English Language School # 155 accepts students for the first grade on the basics of a personal interview with a nominee. An interview is conducted during the last week of May and the first week of June.

An interview is conducted individually with each nominee during 15 minutes in the presence of the parents (which is mandatory). The date and time of the interview is indicated in a special schedule, made one week prior to the date, when commission-staff starts to work. The commission-staff is appointed by the decision of the school teacher's council. As a rule, the members of the commission are the teachers of elementary school, English teachers and school administration.

There are no mandatory academic requirements for the nominees for the first grade. However, a nominee can demonstrate his ability to distinguish different letters, syllable reading, knowledge of the geometric shapes, skills to solve simple tasks, counting within ten, etc. Please note, that comparing the nominees skills, most children demonstrate this level as a basic one. In practice, many nominees show the higher level of skills. As far as the school's possibilities for admission are limited, the selection of the future students is determined by the highest level of children's skills. As the result, an optimal score varies each year.


Psychological and intellectual activity levels tests are not conducted.

During the interview children are required:

To read the text in Ukrainian. Occasionally, if a child is not conversant in Ukrainian, a text in Russian is offered. But then the teachers will continue a conversation in Ukrainian. During the reading a speed of reading is taken into account. (standards are not established). After reading a child is asked to demonstrate how the text was understood.

To do 1-2 logical exercises. A child is offered to do one or a few logical exercises on allocation and sequence of the geometric shapes. Reference material of local publishers for the children of appropriate age is used.

The description of the picture. The child is proposed to describe a picture. Imagination, figuration and the commad of the language are taken into consideration.

Comparison of the pictures. It is proposed to examine several pictures which consists of 5-6 objects and then to reproduce arrangements and functions of the objects by heart.

Calculation. It is proposed to count in limits of 10 in different order.

Increasing/decreasing. It is proposed to make operations of increasing and decreasing in limits of 10 (possibly – more).

The task. It is proposed to "Increasing/decreasing" operations execute mathematical ones. The difference is in the contextual meaning.

Imitation of sounds. It is checked by the teacher of English. The child is proposed to imitate the sounds of the English language. The aim is to find out the development of the articulation apparatus.

Intonation test. It is also checked by the teacher of the English language. The child is asked to repeat several short phrases in English. The aim is to find out the level of imitation of changing of the tone and consequence of intonation's structures.

Creative task. The child can retell the poem, sing a song, demonstrate his or her drawings, etc. (it depends upon child's wish). The aim is to give a possibility for a child to demonstrate his or her talents in full. This kind of activity is not estimated by points.

For registration to interview parents should give an application according to a special form. Documents for school entrance (application, medical certificate, copy of birth certificate) are accepted after completion of competing interview personally by the headmaster of school according to the announced list of interview results. Applications for the interview are given to the secretary or to the headmaster of school.

Advice: Parents can apply for an interview to several gymnasiums or specialized schools at the same time, in order to have a chance of choice.


  • to the children of teachers of English Language Scholl # 155 regardless of the results of interview
  • brothers and sisters of students of school # 155 in case of equal results with the lowest "passing" point
  • children who live in Shevchenkivsky area and have equal results with the lowest "passing" points

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