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Mission and Objective of English Language School # 155




Kyiv English Language School # 155 believes in the importance and dignity of the individual and is searching for the ways to of molding and developing those values with its students.

Kyiv English Language School # 155 believes that life is richer for the person, whose mind is ready for precise and clear thinking, who has acquired academic, aesthetic, social competences and has learned how to use them.

Kyiv English Language School # 155 believes that the duty of education is to develop students’ personal responsibility to the community at the regional, national and global levels as well as sustainable striving to life-long learning and self-perfection.


The Sch 155 objective is to create the environment, where the mentioned above philosophical values are developed.  

To implement the Objective, Sch 155 strives to:

  • encourage and facilitate freedom of thought and inquisitiveness;
  • provide fundamental knowledge and skills, needed to continue education at Universities and life-long learning;
  • to assist every individual to develop esthetic feeling, creativity, self-discipline, confidence and to realize her or his own potential;
  • create environment where every students can challenge her or his limitations and to gain success in self-perfection;
  • develop the value system, which suggests caring about others and encourages to participate in the school life and the society as a whole;
  • promote understanding of global processes, that are important for one’s life in the society, that changes.

Tasks that Sch # 155 sets forward are supported by such qualities:


  • curiosity and desire to study;
  • communication competences, calculation and research skills;
  • critical, precise, logical and innovative thinking;
  • ability to understand and use methods of learning;
  • participation and respect to common team work.

The individual:

  • honesty, confidence, dignity;
  • respect to the others’ believes;
  • caring about health;
  • ability to make decisions, set and reach aims.

Civic values:

  • serving people;
  • protection of ecological safety on the Earth and physical wellbeing of people;
  • leadership;
  • team work skills.  
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