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New Awards to Tymofii Landrev

Tymofii Landrev gets new Awards.

The student of our school Tymofii Landrev created the cartoon "Ukraine will win!" at the age of 11. The cartoon tells about beautiful Ukraine and readiness of the Ukrainians to defend their Motherland from Russian aggressors. The cartoon has for altready more than two two years been on the main page in You Tobe of the Ministry for Defence of Ukraine. It has got more than two hundred thousand viewers in Ukraine and in other countries.

Tymofii was awarded with the Honor Leters of Recognition from the Deputy Minister for Defence of Ukraine, Kyiv city State Administration, Ministry for Culture of Ukraine. Tymiii's cartoon is placed on the Page of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko!

Tymofii is the winner at the festival "Texas Ultimate Shorts". And recently Tymofii''s cartoon was awarded "Runner UP Best Animation" at the festival "The Go West Fast" (Oakhurst, California, USA)

We congratulate Tymofii and wish him all success at school and in his creative work!

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