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The school's 80th anniversary

To the graduates of school 155

Dear Graduates of School 155, We invite you to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of School 155. A scpecial concert will be held for you in the House of Artists (Lvivska Square) on December 3 at 12.00. After the concert you are welcome to visit the school. There you will meet in the classrooms and recollect your school years. 

For the convenience of teh procedures, please register with Lesia Petrivna tel 044 272-11-32 or via email:

You can also perform a short (not more that 5 minutes) merry presentation of your graduate class to perform it on the stage at the Concert. Please talk to Lesia Petriva about it.

We will be glad to see you at the festivity. 

Mr. George and All...  

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