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Family Day 2020
         Family Day 2020
Students, parents and teachers of our school have celebrated our traditional annual Family Day. Again our school has become the place of the parents', students', and teachers' unity. Hundreds of presentations on families' histories, the honorable family members, family relicts, wonderful family love stories have enchanted all participants. Fathers and mothers have taught lessons in each class. Training in aloquent speech, identification of mediafakes, team work, how to help mothers, on medicine, mathematics, stories of exotic travels... - all the parents' exciting life experience was the treasure given by parents to their children. After the unusual lessons there were practical trainings at the parents' workplaces: TV studios, hospitals, business offices... The Day of the Family Pride is the Family Day of School 155.  
At the workplace - TV studio
We are all together
At the parent's workplace
Presenting the family pride
The family relict
Our mothers at the lesson
Family roots

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