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Президент Ротарі Інтернешнл вітає Інтеректівців СШ 155

Міжнародне визнання проекту Інтеректівців СШ № 155 

У 2020 році клуб Interact учнів СШ № 155 (Ротарі) впровадив у життя проект "Тобі потрібна вакцинація". Проект виконувався у співробітництвом з Інтерект клубом Веньє, Канада. В рамках міжнародного конкурсу учнівських доброчинних проектів, що був започаткований Rotary International, проект учнів СШ № 155 був визнаний другим за успішністю та якістю виконання. 
У листі до Інтеректівців СШ № 155 Президент Rotary International пан Хольгер Кнаак високо оцінює роботу інтеректівців СШ № 155.   

06 August 2020


Dear Interact Club of Sch 155, Kyiv,


It is my pleasure to send greetings to you in recognition of your outstanding service and participation in the 2020 Interact Awards. I am impressed with your creativity, storytelling, and commitment to Service Above Self.


At Rotary, we are fortunate to have some of the best youth programs in the world. Youth Exchange was one of my first great attachments to Rotary.  My wife Susanne and I have sponsored youth exchange students now for 24 years.  The 38 youth exchange students have become permanent fixtures in our lives and changed us a bit each year. Rotary Opens Opportunities for everyone in the family of Rotary, and that includes Interactors just like yourselves. I encourage you to seize all the opportunities Rotary offers to enrich your lives and the communities you serve. Remember that in every act of service, we open another opportunity for someone, somewhere.


The future of Rotary depends on young leaders like you. We want you to feel empowered to imagine new opportunities for Rotary. This is the only way we will adapt in these rapidly changing times—through meaningful collaboration with young, enthusiastic people.


Everything you do in Interact helps bring generations together and creates lasting change. But most of all, we have lots of fun along the way! Thank you for joining us as Rotary Opens Opportunities!


Holger Knaack

President, Rotary International 2020-21




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