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5 - 10  

            Grammar Test (the fifth grade)                              

    1.Fill in prepositions.

a). The lessons start 8.30.

b). The school year in Britain starts September.

c). We usually watch TV the evening.

d). We usually start school week Monday.

                                                                                                                                2.Fill in much, many, a lot of.

a). There are bright flowers here.

b). There isn`t soup for dinner.

c). Are there good books at school?                                                                                                                                                                                               3.Fill in some, any.

a). There are pictures in this book.

b). There are flowers here in winter.

c). Is there cheese in the fridge?


     4.Finish the sentences.

a). You`ve got three brothers,.?

b). Jill doesn`t work in New York,.?

c). Pupils must wear uniform at school,.?

d). They never laugh in class,.?

                                                                                                                                5.Translate into English.                                                                          


     ). .                                          

          b).³ .

          c). ?


          6.Make up negative sentences.

       a). It takes me 20 minutes to get to school.

       b). It took him an hour to read a book.


          7. Ttransform the sentence into 5 tenses

       ³ .


          8. Make up 5 types of question.

       They have already done their homework.


         9. Open the brackets.

       a). I (to write) a letter now.

       b). Paul (to miss) the bus yesterday evening.

       c). Our family usually (to have) dinner at 3 o`clock.

       d). With whom the children (to go) to the cinema tomorrow?

       e). We (to read) the book yesterday.

       f). He (not to read) the book yet.


                           Grammar Test (the sixth grade)


Write questions. Use the interrogative form of "be":


   No, I'm not from London. I'm from Dover.


   Yes, the pizza is very good!


   Yes, Emma and Vicky are in the basketball team too.



Complete the sentences. Use the correct  form of the present simple.


1. We (eat)                       pizza every Saturday.

2. It (rain)                       every weekend in Scotland.

3. The film (start)                       at six o'clock.      

4. They (play)                            basketball in the school team.

5. My mum (love)                               football.

6. I (go)                  to school by bus.

7. He (study)                    English every day.

8. My sister (do)               her homework in her bedroom.

9. You (speak)                 English very well.

10. My dad (finish)                    work at five o'clock.



Change the sentences from plural to singular.


1.    The women always carry their children.



2.  Where are these men's footballs?



3.    Do your families live in big cities?



4. Those are the girls hamburgers.




Write questions and answers. Use have got.


You /a cousin

Have you got a cousin?

Yes, I have.


1.    Peter / a bike (+)


2. you / a pet (-)


3. your sister / a computer (+)


4. your parents / a car (+)


5. your house / a swimming pool (-)


6. they / a baby (-)



 5 .

Complete the conversation. Use some and any

Liz     I want to make risotto for dinner.

Josh   Good idea! Is there (1)_______________ butter?

Liz     Let me look in the fridge No, there isnt (2)________ butter.

Josh   Well, is there (3)______________oil?

Liz     Yes, theres (4)_________oil here. What vegetables have we got?

 Have we got (5)____________carrots?

Josh   Im not sure No, there arent(6)________ carrots. But there are (7)

          _________tomatoes and onions.

Liz     Wheres the rice? Is there (8) _________rice?

Josh   Oh, no! We havent got (9)_________ rice. Lets buy (10)________pizzas!




Complete the sentences. Use the present continuous.


1.    Mum (not go)                 to work on Monday.

2.    I (wash)                my hair this evening.

3.    Dave and Liam (not play)                   basketball on Saturday.

4.    (have)                             we              a test tomorrow?

5.    She (meet)                      her friend after work.

6.    (cook)                   Dad                      dinner tonight?

7.    They (go)              to the cinema at the weekend.

8.    I (not do)              aerobics on Tuesday.

9.    My brother (sleep)                              at his friend's house tonight.

10.(visit)                    you                       your cousins on Sunday?



Complete the conversation. Use the present simple or the present continuous.


Amy: Hi Liz! My brother can't come today.

          He (1 play)                                 on his computer.

Liz: Where's Laura? She usually (2 come)                        to the club.

Amy: She (3 help)                               her parent's with the shopping today. They always (4 go)                              shopping on Friday.

Liz: What (5 Beth and Sophie do)                                               ?

Amy: They (6 stay)                              with their cousins. They often (7 stay)                                with them. Look, there's Oliver. He (8 talk)                               to Steve.



Complete the sentences. Use was/were and wasn't/weren't.


1. Tim                              at home last night.

2. I                        at a great party on Saturday but you weren't there.

3. My parent's                            at the cinema on Saturday. They were at the theatre.

4.                            the football match on Saturday or Sunday?

5. Where's my bag? It                          on my desk but now it isn't there.

6. Jamie and Linda                               late for school this morning. They are always late!

7. We                               in the tennis team last year. We were terrible at tennis then.

8. Jack wasn't at school yesterday. He                               ill in bed.

9.                            you on holiday last week?

10. It                      good weather yesterday. It was raining.




Complete the sentences. Use the correct comparative form of the adjectives.


1.    It's (warm)                       in Portugal

2.     Your garden is (big)                           than our garden.

3.    The history teacher is (popular)                               than the French teacher.

4.    Geography is (interesting)                              than art.

5.    Paul is (bad)                              at tennis than me.

6.    This pizza is (good)                             than my mum's pizza.

7.    Is a mountain bike (expensive)                                than a racer?

8.    Our house is (far)                      from the school than your house.






Complete the postcard. Use going to.

Post Card

Dear Mum and Dad.

The holiday camp is great fun I (1 learn)                          to water ski today. Nina (2 try)                      windsurfing. I played cricket yesterday, but I (3 not play)                       that again it was so boring. Tomorrow we (4 not do)                      any sports, we (5 go)                          on a long walk in the mountains. Nina (6 take)                               her camera. Jack and Diana are here. They (7 come)                             walking with us tomorrow. But they (8 not stay)                           for two weeks they (9 leave)                       on Saturday.

Nina says hi. She (10 not write)                                - she says she's too busy!


Adam (and Nina)





Complete the conversation. Use the past simple.


Jack: Hi! Mum! (1 you have)                       a good day at Grandma's?

Mum: Yes, thanks. We (2 be)                        in the garden all day. (3 you tidy)                                          your room this morning?

Jack: No, I (4 not have)                       time. I (5 revise)                       all morning for my history test. Can I do it later?

Mum: Ok. Where's your dad? (6 he be)                            here this afternoon?

Jack: No, he wasn't. He (7 clean)                             the car and then he (8 go)                                to Alan's house after lunch.


























                                 Grammar Test (the seventh grade)

1. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the past simple or past continuous.

1) They (play) ________________ cards when the phone rang.

2) Julie (meet) ________________ Richard while she was traveling in Mexico.

3) He looked at us and then he (smile) ____________________ .

4) At six oclock yesterday I was watching TV and my brother (do) ___________ his homework.

5) I (lose) _____________ my purse, while I (walk) ________________ to school.

6) When we (see) ________________ you this morning, you (not wear) ________________ a coat.


2. Complete sentences. Use the correct comparative or superlative form of the adjectives.

1) Dino never barks at people. Hes (friendly) _______________ dog in our street.

2) Their flat is enormous. Its (big) _____________ our house.

3) Come and sit here. This chair is (comfortable) ___________________ the sofa.

4) I hate Monday! I think its (bad) _________________ day of the week.

5) Karen is (popular) ________________ girl in our class.

6) Your bag weights a lot! Its (heavy) ___________________ my bag.

7) February is usually (wet) ______________ month of the year.

8) Cats are clever, but monkeys are (intelligent) _________________ cats.

9) Mike doesnt have any problems with English. He thinks its (easy) ________________ subject at school.

10) I think rap music is (good) _____________ heavy metal.


3. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of will or going to.

1) Look at the time! The concert begins in five minutes. We (be) _________________ late.

2) I dont think Linda (get) ______________ married before shes 25.

3) We (stay) _______________ at the Rex Hotel. We booked our rooms yesterday.

4) After dinner, I (help) ______________ you with the washing up.

5) I bought a train ticket to London. I (not go) _________________ by bus.

6) In the future we (not use) __________________ cars for travelling.

7) Its my mothers birthday tomorrow.

    Oh, really? I (buy) _____________ her some flowers.

8) The temperature is going down. It (be) __________ cold tonight.

9) My parents are in bed, but they (not go) ___________ to sleep until my sister gets home.


4. Complete the sentences. Use for or since.

1) Shes worked in Chicago ___________ four years, but she has lived there __________ two years.

2) Harry hasnt seen Jill ___________ a week. Hes called her three times _________ Sunday.

3) Weve known Tom __________ ten years, but we havent seen him ________ two months.

4) I havent seen my friend Jane _________ a long time. We havent visited her __________ last February.


5. Complete the conversation. Use some or any.

A  Im hungry. Have we got (1) ________ food at home?

B  Not much. I know we havent got (2) ___________ eggs. Weve got (3) ______ onions and tomatoes, and I think theres (4) __________ fruit on the     table.

Have we got (5) _________ bread?

No. Theres (6) _________ butter in the fridge, but we havent got (7) _______ bread.

Well, I want (8) _________ food. Lets get a pizza.

OK. Have we got (9) ________ ice-cream for dessert?

Yeas, weve got (10) ________ strawberry ice-cream.


6. Rewrite the sentences with the word in brackets.

1) Swimming is good for you. Running is good for you. (both)


2) We can make some biscuits. Or we can make some buns. (either)


3) James doesnt like fruit. Sarah doesnt like fruit. (neither)


4) Kevin has gone to the bank. Or hes gone to the library. (either)


5) Rosa bought some sandwiches. I bought some sandwiches. (both)


6) Tom doesnt eat fish. Julie doesnt eat fish. (neither)




7. Complete the sentences. Use the past simple or present perfect.

1) This is Leos flat. He and his family (live) ___________ here since 1998.

2) (enjoy) _____________ your father ____________ the football match on Saturday?

3) In July we (fly) ________ from London to Rome.

4) Helen (not take) ___________ her medicine yet.

5) Oh, look! I (just break) __________ this cup.

6) After school Sara (go) __________ to the library for an hour?

7) (ever be) ______________ you ___________ to India?

8) Is Susan OK? I (not see) ___________ her for a few days.



8. Write zero conditional sentences.

1) you heat ice / it melt

If ____________________________

2) we burn wood / it turn black

If ____________________________

3) people not eat fruit and vegetables / they get ill

If _____________________________

4) water get very cold / it freeze

If _____________________________

5) the sky be cloudy / you not need sunglasses

If _____________________________

6) an animal not have water / it die

If ______________________________



9. Rewrite the sentences with unless or if not.

1) If you dont wear a jumper, youll get cold.


2) If he doesnt win the match, hell be very upset.


3) She wont come unless you ask her.


4) My parents will be angry if I dont pass my exams.


5) Jane wont pass her driving test unless she takes lessons.


6) I wont like it if its not green.



10. Complete the sentences. Use the first or second conditional.

1) If I (arrive) __________ home late, my parents will be worried.

2) My parents (be) ___________ upset if my sister moved away to another town.

3) We (go) __________ to the park if its a nice day tomorrow.

 4) If we didnt have to do any homework, we (spend) ___________ more time watching TV.

5) James will study computer technology if he (go) ___________ to university.







                           Grammar  Test  (the eighth grade)


1.    Complete these sentences using can, cant, or be able to.


1.    Will you come to my party next week?

2.    You lend me a dictionary?

3.    I drive a car, but I when Im older.

4.    James play the piano well. It sounds horrible.



2.    Complete sentences with the correct form of the verb.


1.    Babies always (learn) to speak the language of their parents.

2.    We (do) a project on communication at school this term.

3.    While she (live) in London, her career (begin).

4.    It was a beautiful day the sun (shine) and it was very hot.

5.    My family (live) here for 5 years.

6.    Bella never (drive) a car.

7.    Maria (send) a letter to her friend last week.

8.    I (study) Physics since last year.

9.    He (work) on a new film since February.

10.Im really tired because I (play) tennis.

11.The Jamaican team were excited about going to Austria because they never (see) snow before.

12.Jack said he (like) traveling.



3.    Fill the gaps with the articles.


1.    US is the largest market for films.

2.    British used to be a nation of cinema goers.

3.    What was last film you saw?



4.    Give 3 forms of the adjectives.


1.    nice

2.    relaxing

3.    bad

4.    big

5.    noisy

6.    powerful



5.    Complete the sentences with whose and who is.


1.    My sister married a man father owns a big hotel.

2.    Do you know coming to the party?

3.    Mrs. Benfields the lady house caught fire last week.



6.    Fill in the correct verb:

have to, must, mustnt, be not allowed to.


1.    I think you thank grandmother for your birthday present.

2.    At my school, students wear a uniform.

3.    You pass exams to get into university.

4.    Its OK to use calculators in class, but we are use them in school exams.



7.    First Conditional


1.    If I (not / be) too busy this afternoon, I (take) the dog for a walk.

2.    If I (not / get) any homework tonight I (go) to the cinema.

3.    If we (win) the match today, we (play) in the final next week.



8.    Second Conditional.


1.    If I (buy) the car, I (drive) very fast.

2.    If I (be) famous, I (take) part in charities.

3.    If I (can) dance and sing, I (be) famous.



9.    Active or passive.


1.    Many people (send) email messages every day.

2.    These computes (make) in Korea.

3.    The World Wide Web (invent) by Tim Berners Lee in the late 1980.

4.    Apollo 11 (launch) from Cape Kennedy in 1969.













                 Grammar Test (the ninth grade)



I. Complete the sentences with a suitable modal.

1 I_________ take some exercise. I'm getting very unfit.

2 Passengers_______ smoke anywhere on the train.

3  In England, you______ be eighteen to vote.

4  I_________ swim until I was five.

5  That_________ be Tony over there - he's in Australia at the moment.

6 ___________you pass me that book, please?


II. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

1 Life________ (treat) me very badly at the moment.

2 Have you noticed that computers__ (get) cheaper and cheaper?

3 No, sorry, I can't meet you tonight. I_ (have) a karate class every Tuesday evening.

4 I___________(walk) to school when I____________(hear) a loud crash.

5 When I________ (arrive), I_______ (knock) loudly at the door.

6 At ten o'clock last night Peter___ (wash up), and Mary____________(read) a book.

7 They___________(live) in Glasgow since 1956, but then they moved to Edinburgh at the end of last year.

8 How  long___________(you,know) Jessica? We ________(be) at school together 40 years ago.

9 Sorry Im late. ____________(You,wait) long?

10 Where______________(you,have) lunch yesterday?

11 I ____________(never,travel) by air.

12 I _____________(lose) my glasses the other day.


III. Rewrite these sentences using the verb in the passive.

1  People use the Internet for many different purposes.
The Internet_____________________

2  People have sent me emails from all over the world.


3 Email is replacing ordinary letters.



IV. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1  If I were you, I___________(see) a doctor.

2  If Peter decided to go to university in another city, I____________(be) very upset!

3  What would you do if you___ (meet) a famous actor?

4 I wish I _____________(can) write poetry.

5 If you _____________(heat) ice, it___________(melt).

6 You ______________(stay) healthy if you___________ (eat) a well-balanced diet.


V. Put in the necessary article. Fill a, the, _.

1  Is it cheaper to go by ___ bus or by ___ train?   

2  Turn on___ television, please Id like to see my favourite film.

3 If the patient doesnt get better, hell have to go to___ hospital.

4  At what age do English children go to ___ school?

5 ___ school I go to is not far from my house.


VI.   Words that go together


Choose the correct word to complete these sentences:


1 I could tell by his ____________ of voice that he was angry.

        a. tone                             b. type                   c. level

2 Whats the _________ of applying for a job youre not interested in ?

        a. reason                b. point                  c. need

3 If you take the __________ to practise your body language, youll do well in your interview.

        a. effort                           b. trouble     c. hours

4 Mark tried to get Karens attention, but she __________ no notice of him.

        a. made                           b. took                   c. had

5 Tom has been _________ in a strange way ever since he lost his job.

        a. being                           b. performing        c. behaving

6 I cant go out tonight. I have to _________ for a job interview.

        a. practise              b. revise       c. prepare


VII.   Correcting mistakes.


1 I have visited America in 1987.

2 Do you ever seen a ghost?

3 Who put salt in the cupboard?

4 Did you meet yourselves in town yesterday?

5 Im have a nice warm bath every day.

6 Top tennis players are not smoking.

7 The team played good.

8 The news are so bad at the moment.

9 They asked him where was the police station.

10 Have you an own room?

11 We had a so good time.

12 They have 4 children which are very amusing.


VIII.   Translate the following sentences:


1 ̳ .

2 , .

3 ̳ , .

4 볿. .

5 ʳ , ?

6 , .


IX.   Choose the correct answer: a,b,c,d.


1 I ________(stay) with friends in Greece next month.

       a. will stay             b. stay          c. is going to stay            d. am staying

2 Look at that blue sky! Its _________ (go) to be a lovely day.

       a. will go               b. is going to be              c. is going             d.is being

3 I _________ (help) you with that suitcase.

       a. am going to help         b.will help             c.am helping                 d.help


X.   Combine both the sentences in 1-5 to make one sentence with a relative pronoun and a defining relative clause.


1 There is a film on TV tonight. Id like to watch it.


2 That is the man. His dog bit me.


3 Thats the family. They moved next door to me last week.


4 This is a book. Youll enjoy reading it.


5 Scuba-diving is a sport. It has to be learned.

















                 Grammar Test (the tenth grade)          


1.                        Put the verb in brackets into the correct present tense.

1.  She.(to move) to a new  house next week.

2.    Carl and Mary are looking for a new house. The landlord.(to evict) them from their flat.

3.    Water ..(to freeze) at 0 C.


2.      Put the verb in brackets into the correct past tense.

            1. Paul .(to break) his arm when he.(to paint) the


            2. Sandra finally(to pass) the exam.  She..(to study

                really hard for months.

            3. We .(to finish) the main course and ..(to wait) for

                dessert when the fire alarm .(to ring).


3.     Put the verb in brackets into the correct tense.

             1.  Jenny is going to finish her essay before she .(to meet) her           


2.    If you mix red and blue paint, you .(to get) purple.

3.    If we had played better, we ..(not to loose) the game.



4.    Complete the sentences using the correct forms of the comparative or      


1.      Ruth seems much .(happy) today than yesterday, doesnt she?

2.      Scientists think that global warming is (big) problem facing the world today.

3.      The (early) we leave, the (soon) well arrive.


5.      Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

1.    He goes. (to swim) every morning before work.

2.    Laura didnt want to leave without ..(to speak) to Dan.

3.    Lisa is looking forward ..(to meet) you.


    6.    Fill in  -ing form or to-inf.

1.      Jamie couldnt stop ..(to think) about what had happened the day before.

2.      Sorry Im a bit late. I had to stop..(to buy) petrol on the way over there.

3.      He refused ..(to clean) up his room.

4.      Paulas keen on (to play) football.

5.      She really hates(to wait) in queues.

6.      Jason cant help .(to like) her.


   7.     Complete the sentences with to five words including the word in bold. Do

      not change the meaning of the original sentence .

1.      Im sure that Frank missed the train.

      have   Frankthe train.

2.      It wasnt necessary for us to book a table because the restaurant is never busy on Monday nights.

have   The restaurant is never busy on Monday nights, so we.

.. a table.

3.    You should get some details  from their website.

                         ought    You . more details from their website.

                 4.    It is possible that we will be able to help you.

                   might      I think I.. to help you.


8.      Change the sentences from active to passive using is said/is believed                           .

Example: They say he escaped to Brazil. He is said to have escaped to                


1.      They say he is working on a new software package.


2.      We expect the company will set up a computer network this year.


3.      The police think he was involved in the theft.



9.            Use the prompts to make complete passive sentences.

1.      my/office/break into/last night.



2.      the new  CCTV camera/install/yet?



3.      our ID cards/check/the security guards/at the moment.




 10.    Complete the sentences using the causative. 

1.    Andys suit was so dirty so he took it to the cleaners.


2.    Jane is at the hairdressers at the moment. She is changing her hair colour.

She is

3.    Claires TV isnt working so she is taking it back to the shop to be repaired.

Claire is going



      11.   Fill in the correct form of the reporting verbs from the list.

              refuse, apologize  for, explain, suggest, warn, deny, offer, accuse

1.      Would you like me to help you with your essay?

                             Sheto help me with my essay.

2.      Shall we go to the concert on Friday night?

   He .going to the concert on Friday night.

3.  Im sorry I didnt come to the party.

                              She ..  not coming to the party.

4.  You were speeding

                               He..me of speeding.

5.  No, I wont do it.

                               She. to do it.

6.  I was late for work because I missed the bus.

                               Hethat he had been late for work because he              

                                had missed the bus.

7.  It will be very dangerous!

                                He ..me that it would be very dangerous.

8.  No, I didnt break the glass.

                               He . having broken the glass.


       12.    Rewrite the sentences using the structure I wish

1.     I dont study French at school.  



2.     I havent got a CD player.



3.        I left my umbrella on the bus.









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